Self. Identity 

Hot. Topic  for me and ..

Our. Inner self. And. Identity are based on early life. Experiences 

Weather. We were. Validated.  , respected , supported.  To. Grow.  In healthy ways 

How we see ourselves or. Not. Is related to the past ..

Till we. Learn.   , heal and.  Move on 

Perspective on self and our. Relationship with self is. Necessary. To. Find.  Happiness in and out 

Boundarys. ..knowing your innate. Rights 

many of us.  Have difficulty.  Setting. Boundarys 

Due to. Others. Not having. Boundarys or not. Honouring. Your. Boundarys

Self awareness is key. To. Knowing what is best for you in your. Present.  Interactions with. Others 

Practice saying. No.   

Is.   A first step!

For.  Basic. Things as we tent to.  Learn.      ..   To be people pleasure. Due to. Abuse of our.   Past and. Boundarys.  Being violated 


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How you deal with finding ,   Awareness. ,  setting. Boundars